Harlan County KY

Classic Country is a low power FM station serving the Catrons Creek Community of Harlan County Kentucky.  Harlan County is the setting for the television series Justified. Our FM signal covers all of Catrons Creek from Pope Hill to Pansy on 104.5  What kind of music do we play?  Our name says it all “Classic Country”. 

Our stance on country music is that it essentially died a few years back.  We’re reliving the classic days when country music told a story.  It was clean, uncorrupted, pure and had meaning.  There’s still a few die hard classic country fans in this world and we aim to provide them with the very best in classic country music.  Classic Country also spits out some wholesome radio drama like Gunsmoke.  The original Gunsmoke series can be heard at 8:30 AM and again at 8:30 PM.  Thanks for dropping by and tuning into Classic Country 104.